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World Cup 2010

The Fifa World Cup Trophy made a tour around the world, sponsored by Coca-Cola. It arrived here in Rio in the 6th and 7th of August and was shown at the Copacabana beach Fort. The event was a hit and I was honored to be a part of it!

It was a beautiful day (Aug. 7th) in Rio, hot as hell, but the people were very pleased with the whole experience. The event was a big deal and the work I made will be shown also in São Paulo and maybe Italy!

My work was to make two 3d character models and their animations, one controlled in real time, the other pre-rendered. Bellow are some “behind the scenes” pics and some taken during the event. More info about it.

Final result, with lower poly mesh and normal/specular maps.

High res head model in ZBrush.

High res model in ZBrush

Concept sketch.

This guy will be pre-rendered.

But a higher version was made for the normal maps.

That’s the entrance to the event. The place was too bright, so we had to adjust the projection accordingly. That lovely character on the screen was part of what was commissioned to me.

That’s the room where the trophy would be in, at the center of the stage. On both sides, the other character i made was to be projected. He was pre-rendered and had  was 2:16 minutes long, presenting the history of the trophy.

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